Automatic doors for wheelchairs

Creates an automatic entrance for young people with a range of physical disabilities

University of Toronto asked for helping to create an automatic entrance for young people with a range of physical disabilities. It was decided that each wheelchair would be fitted with a proximity tag, which would open doors throughout the campus as the student approached, reducing the need for them to stop at entrances. Automatic Doors operators were integrated with a special access control system, which meant that the proximity tags would pre-trigger the radar on each automatic door. Both companies were chosen for their experience in the education sector.

You can see clearly now with the latest doors and windows products. Innovations include automatic door operators, top swing reversible windows and electronic roof windows

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Tips of the trade

Consider the type of traffic and accessibility needs before selecting the system type. If you cater for the person with the most needs, inevitably the needs of others will be met.

If the automatic door forms part of the escape route it’s imperative that this connects with the fire escape and smoke exhaust requirements.

For example, heavy rain or wind can influence the operation of an automatic door and pedestrian traffic may approach from an acute angle.

Assess the supplier’s manufacturing processes in terms of recyclability and hazardous materials.

This point could be your number one as without excellent back-up the product is worthless.

All automatic door systems fall under the machinery directive and should be specified in accordance with BS 7036: 1996 Safety at Powered Doors.

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