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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

With the increased popularity in automatic doors over the last few years, the introduction of hands free washroom systems could not have come at a better time. The hands free approach is now readily available for everyone throughout the Ontario. There is many a good reason why the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) Automatic Door Washroom System will benefit not just the disabled population group but many other individuals including the elderly, carers, parents accompanying young children and everyday shoppers who are carrying numerous bags.

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With current legislation in regard to The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act now known as the Equalities Act within the Canada it is hoped that before long all public toilet systems are AODA compliant. The AODA hands free washroom systems supplied by Automatic Doors & Shopfronts meets these criteria and ensures that public toilets are far more hygienic and assists in the prevention of spreading germs. Levels of hygiene are an important factor in our lives these days and a growing number of individuals are scared of catching germs, this prevents them from accessing any toilet that requires manual handling.

Shopping malls, railway stations, airports, hotels, and restaurants are all premises which could really benefit from this hands free systems. Service providers alongside any establishment dealing with foodstuffs will likewise experience the rewards of the Automatic doors washroom systems. Service users will be more independent and be able to frequent these premises without the usual assistance. Not only is this less time consuming but also allows individuals a degree of independence and dignity

The main features of the hands free washroom systems is undoubtedly improved access for the disabled and the elderly population groups, however, there are several other advantages of having a hands free washroom system installed. A main feature of the washroom system is that it assists in the reduction of operational costs by providing improved energy efficiency. Commercial businesses are continuously looking for ways to reduce their overheads. One example of how the automatic doors used in the hands free AODA washroom system reduce energy costs is by using far less power. Service providers just like any other businesses these days are in constant battle with budget constraints and installing these systems means the building remains at a constant temperature as the doors are not inadvertently left open.

The AODA application washroom systems can be fitted in virtually any commercial or public property. Best Brothers Group can deliver these systems on a supply only basis as well as supply and install dependent on the clients needs. The AODA washroom systems can be installed by electricians and it is useful to know that Best Brothers Group offer free training upon receipt of order. The beauty of choosing BBG to supply your automatic products is that we employ a technical help line in the event of any difficulties during the installation of the washroom system or any other products that BBG supply.

The groups of people who will benefit more from these automatic door systems are those who are disabled or the elderly and children who tend to struggle with heavy manual doors. Traditional washroom doors are not only unhygienic to open and close but can in addition be awkward and cumbersome particularly for individuals in wheelchairs or those using mobility aides.

The AODA Special Application Washroom System is a compact kit which can be installed by specialists in this field or local electricians creating a straight forward and convenient access for everybody.

Emergency Entry can be achieved by either a Break-glass with integral sounder or key switch.

Audio communication can in addition be installed for assurance purposes.

Overall, hands free washroom systems can provide the perfect solution for many locations and they will solve a great many lavatory issues for the general public. They are the ideal choice for a number of building premises including hospitals, medical centres supermarkets, hotels and restaurants to name but a few. BBG are delighted to supply this special application hands free washroom system for our clients and are pleased with the positive feedback that we have had about this quality, reliable product. Contact Best Brothers Group on 1-888-243-0011 or view our BBG product range on our user friendly web site.

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