Ground Source Heat Pumps

ground source heat pumps diagram
Ground Source Heat Pump: Green Energy Made Affordable Ground source heat pumps are an effective as well as environmentally friendly investment that can help you save up to 50% on heating bills when compared to conventional heating systems. Initial investments are high, but the ground source heat pump prices vary depending on the project. There are several different types of ground source [...]

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Choosing The Right Air to Air Heat Pump

air to air heat pump 17
Start Saving with an Air to Air Heat Pump Apart from being an innovative and environmentally friendly technology, the air to air heat pump will prove good value for your money. The low installation and maintenance costs make it a perfect choice for those who are looking to save on heating and electricity bills (in the summer) [...]

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A Guide to Ventilation

Vent Commissioning testing

Bringing in fresh air – while ideally adding to the overall heat supply in the process – is clearly desirable. How to choose the right system   In the pursuit of higher efficiency in our homes, there are two elements that need to be controlled: insulation and airtightness. Building Regulations currently requires an airtightness of 5m3/m2/hr@50pa, which is approximately half […]

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