Tell Toronto City Council Not to Subject Canada’s Largest City to the Dangers, Personal Injuries and New Disability Barriers that Electric Scooters Cause – Accessibility News, your Online Magazine Devoted to Disability Accessibility.


At its meeting on Tuesday, July 28, 2020, Toronto City Council has on its agenda the question whether to unleash electric scooters (e-scooters) on the people of Canada’s largest city. The AODA Alliance calls on Toronto’s Mayor John Tory and City Council to resoundingly reject e-scooters. They are a proven danger to the safety of […]

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Doors at Lawton Airport
Within the past few months, I have been retained as expert witness to evaluate revolving door injuries in over a dozen different locations nationwide. While I usually see an even distribution of sliding door, swinging door, and revolving door injury cases, the revolving door injuries currently seem to be the most prevalent. What is particularly [...]

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Automatic Door Injuries And Who Is Liable

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Automatic Door Injuries And Who Is Liable Automatic doors are something which pretty much everyone who has ever visited a supermarket or even an airport or office is likely to be familiar with. They offer a great convenience factor in that they don’t depend on users to open or close the door, so people with [...]

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