New Laws Let Americans With Disabilities Vote Online. They’ve Also Resurrected The Debate About Voting Access vs. Election Security.


Since the dawn of the internet, someone has inevitably raised this question every election cycle: Why can’t we vote online? (The question was particularly apt in 2020, when states had to grapple with how to run an election during a pandemic.) And every time, election security experts dutifully answer that there is currently no technological […]

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8 Effective Ways to Secure Your Home Back Door from Break-ins

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Your home back door, one of your most welcomed entrances for thieves, should be secured firmly. However, most of you would skip the back door when making the security plan (Definitely Not!!!). Among 2.5 million home intrusions each year, the back door attack takes up 22% — shocking statistics. You can try the below top [...]

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Building Security Checklist for Property Management

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Ever since humans started erecting buildings we have geared ourselves towards protection from the elements. Whether it’s wind, rain or immense heat, buildings all over the world are designed to give their users a few minutes (or hours) of relaxation before getting back out in the big, wide world. Let’s face it though, we need [...]

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