UN Highlights the Unique Challenges Faced By Disabled Injured Workers During COVID-19 – Accessibility News, your Online Magazine Devoted to Disability Accessibility.


“Imagine coming home from work at a hospital, grocery store, or care home with Coronavirus and, on top of knowing you’re gravely ill and you’ve put your family in serious danger, you need to engage in a battle with the compensation board to prove where you got this illness.” Read more athttps://aoda.ca/un-highlights-the-unique-challenges-faced-by-disabled-injured-workers-during-covid-19/ Related

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Non-profit charitable organization gives unique adults opportunities to create art – Okanagan

Lethbridge church gives people with disabilities a night to shine Lethbridge

[ad_1] John Roberts can teach you a thing or two about painting. Roberts joined the Cool Arts Society a year ago when he felt his creative itch building. He credits his parents, who are also artists, for his unwavering sense of wonder in his creative process of building art pieces. “I feel like I’ve made […]

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