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BBG offers a complete line of touchless devices


Touchless Button Provide an aesthetically pleasing activation solution that maximizes accessibility. Touchless activation provides the most advanced and hygienic form of automatic door activation. Improve Convenience Eliminate the need to manually operate a handle or switch to open a door! Eliminate the Spread of Germs Stop the transmission of germs by a hand touching a door or switch! Enhance AODA Compilance Exceed AODA requirements by making access for people with disabilities even easier!

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Keeping up with all the information relative to COVID-19 – and the touchless technologies that are in demand as a result – could easily be a full time job. As your Touchless Technology partner, BBG is pleased to do that for you. Here in this Information Library you will find trade press articles and White papers we believe will be useful to you as you navigate the COVID-19 changes impacting our industry. They highlight the latest trends and technologies in building design, low voltage system design & access control, and touchless applications to meet the challenges in the COVID-19 era.

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Sensor devices (such as a wave switch), and hand-held wireless activation devices (such as a wireless fob or Bluetooth enabled smart phone) eliminate the need for a hand to touch the activation device.

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Manual activation devices (such as 36” tall push plate switches) that are able to be easily operated by an elbow, arm, hip, knee or foot are an easy alternative to powered no-touch activation devices

Next generation active infrared sensor no-touch switches are available in a range of 12/24V AC/DC powered models, with 1 or 2 relays. There is also a fully wireless model, and a battery powered hybrid model, with 1 relay contact. For confined spaces and resistance to highly reflective (chrome) surface, there is also a ‘short range’ model.

‘Request To Exit’ detectors provide the latest word in design, with a complete list of “high performance” features, including secondary activation device input, door monitoring, two relay outputs, and tamper alarm, with many new programming, installation, and set-up features never seen in the industry before!


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