Protecting Multi-site Commercial Offices

You need security that works across multiple, geographically dispersed offices and facilities. With its automatic networking features, our cloud-based access control and video platform is an ideal solution, seamlessly managing multiple access points around the globe under a single, flexible system.

Simplify Access to Multiple Sites

You can easily link remote sites into a single system through our wide-area network architecture – so users can have access to multiple sites with just one credential.

Respond Quickly to Any Crisis

Receive real-time incident information via text message or email to improve crisis reporting and monitoring. Get a digital record of each facility’s system activity, updated in real-time.

Control Contractor Activity

Assign credentials to expire when a contract ends, and maintain a digital record of all system events involving your contractors.

Simplify Card Management

Easily revoke cards and PINs from staff and contractors without the hassle of managing keys and rekeying locks.

Reduce Internal IT Demands

Get powerful access control without straining your overworked IT team – your software maintenance and upgrades are all managed by BBG.

Centralize Control & Protection

Implement electronic access control to all remote sites through a centrally hosted, web-based platform. Protect computer rooms, inventory rooms, shipping and receiving areas, cash offices, customer records – everything that requires security.