Access Control for Technology Companies

access control technology

You need security that protects your offices and facilities and scales easily to your business needs. Our innovative, cloud-based access control and video platform lets you seamlessly manage multiple access points in any number of facilities under a single, flexible system.

Protect Employees and Assets

Secure and control access to all your locations through a single console, accessible anywhere, anytime from a computer or mobile device. Link multiple sites through our wide-area network architecture – so users can access all your locations with just one credential.

Control Contractor Activity

Dynamically assign credentials to expire when a contract ends, and maintain a digital record of all system events involving your contractors.

Manage Your Budget

Reduce the total cost of physical access control by avoiding the capital expenses of onsite servers and hard-wired appliances. With our Software as a Service model you pay only for what you need and use.

Future Proof Your Business

Get the instant scalability and flexibility to easily meet your changing security and facility needs. Quickly add or remove employees, locations, offices, technical facilities and more.

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