Access Control for Your Education Facilities

access control for education

You need cost-effective, reliable security for your school, campus and education facilities. Our Software as a Service solution delivers what you need at a price you can afford.

Be Prepared

Improve emergency response planning and capabilities with our cloud-based physical access control. Get emergency lock-down features, emergency notifications and integrated video surveillance – especially critical during active shooter emergencies. Ensure the safety of your students and the peace of mind of their parents and your entire community.

Take Control

Control who can go where at all times across your campus. Maintain an audit trail and easily monitor every student, staff member, visitor and work contractor. Set up unlimited, customized schedules to provide flexible accessibility, by designating special access patterns for “In Service” days.

Always Get What You Need

Our on-demand system gives you the scalability and flexibility to quickly add or remove facilities, students and faculty. Easily manage one or more schools, an entire school district or even multiple campuses from one console, and maximize budgets by only paying for exactly what is used.

Reduce Theft, Improve Safety

Receive real-time incident information via email or text notifications along with a digital record of all system activity, updated in real time. Use integrated video surveillance to increase student safety, reduce vandalism, theft, protect intellectual property and research and development.

Eliminate Expensive Rekeying

Immediately revoke cards, key fobs and PINs from faculty, staff and students without the hassle and expense of managing keys and re-keying locks. Secure classrooms, dorms, administrative offices, R&D labs and high value storage, simply and cost effectively.

Simplify After Hours Access

Provide after-hours access to labs, research areas and athletic facilities for specific personnel or groups, eliminating the need for distributing keys or hiring 24/7 security personnel.

Eliminate Servers & IT Dependence

Eliminate the capital expenses of purchasing onsite servers with our cloud-based, budget-friendly access control, while relieving your IT staff of the burden of managing your security system.