Access Control for Manufacturing Facilities

access control for manufacturing

Secure multiple, complex, geographically dispersed facilities with our cloud-based platform that allows you to seamlessly manage access points around the globe under a single centralized system.

Secure All Your Perimeters

Secure even the most remote locations easily and cost-effectively. Combine video surveillance with an access control system to protect valuable equipment, intellectual property, research facilities and warehouses. Eliminate the hassle and expense of long wire runs at large facilities with our wireless locks and IP cameras.

Always Get What You Need

Our on-demand system gives you the scalability and flexibility to manage just one plant or all facilities worldwide through a single console, accessible anywhere, anytime from a computer or mobile device. Quickly add or remove staff, visitors or contractors to the system. Scale your system to meet your changing business needs, and pay only for what you use.

Protect Your Assets

Protect inventory and assets through text message alerts and email notifications. Prevent theft and vandalism that may lead to critical downtime with video surveillance. Keep track of who goes where and when by controlling access to assembly floors, raw materials and storage areas. Maintain an audit trail and easily monitor every staff member, visitor and contractor.

Enable Dark Deliveries

You get a full audit trail, along with related video, for safe and efficient after-hours deliveries at any or all locations.