Cloud Access Control for Your Health & Wellness Organization

Health & Wellness Access Control

You need reliable, round-the-clock protection for your facilities, patients, staff and data. Our cloud-based solution provides user friendly, real-time access control you can count on to keep your facilities secure.

Keep Staff & Patients Safe

Ensure the safety of your patients and staff at all times. Reporting features and video surveillance allow you to monitor activity, analyze productivity and document unsafe practices, including possible violations.

Simplify Compliance

BBG reporting feature makes it easier to manage complex regulations such as the Joint Commission, with documented audit trails including cardholder information and transaction history. Restrict access to areas containing medical records to protect patient privacy while meeting regulations.

Enforce Building Security

Manage access to ensure that only authorized staff can enter restricted areas – in one building or an entire campus. Easily monitor every staff member, visitor and work contractor while maintaining an audit trail.

Protect Assets

Monitor your high-value assets and prevent theft of expensive equipment, medications and intellectual property with access control and video surveillance.

Gain Peace of Mind

Send and receive alert notifications, manage and restrict entry, even lockdown your facility – all from your computer or mobile device, 24/7. Lock‐down feature keep your patients and staff safe in an emergency.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Collect data to better analyze your operations and keep up with regulatory requirements, including FDA regulations. Track and maintain cardholder data and transaction history for detailed system-wide reporting and audit trails. Secure intellectual property by restricting access to labs and other sensitive areas.