Ontario NDP Presses the Ford Government to Lift the Veil of Secrecy on Key Documents Addressing How Life-and-Death Medical Triage Decisions Will be Made if the Second Wave of COVID-19 Exceeds Ontario Hospital Capacity – Accessibility News, your Online Magazine Devoted to Disability Accessibility.


The Ford Government is enshrouding far too much secrecy around its approach to what will happen if the second wave of COVID-19 infections overloads Ontario hospitals, i.e. if there are not enough critical care beds to accommodate all the patients in critical condition. This could become a truly life and death issue. Read more athttps://aoda.ca/ontario-ndp-presses-the-ford-government-to-lift-the-veil-of-secrecy-on-key-documents-addressing-how-life-and-death-medical-triage-decisions-will-be-made-if-the-second-wave-of-covid-19-exceeds-ontario/ […]

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