Need new boiler top ten tips

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Need a new boiler? Here are our Top Ten Tips to make sure you ask the right questions to prevent your installation being a disaster. One of the unsung heroes of your home is your boiler, it just sits there and is overlooked until its yearly service or when you have a problem and you need [...]

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5 ways to keep your home cool

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5 ways to keep your home coolBoy, it’s hot! Isn’t it? And it is not going to get any better on the contrary the heat is going to increase over the next months, which is fine, especially after having had that particularly lengthy winter. However, more often than not, houses in Toronto are not well [...]

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Benefits of Having an Electric Boiler

Benefits of Having an Electric Boiler Where there is no gas OR no suitable flue in the building, electric boilers are the best solution. An electric boiler's biggest advantage is simple... it does not burn gas! This rather obvious fact leads to two major advantages over traditional gas boilers. First, bills are likely to be much [...]

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